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Hi, my name is Jen Huls and I run leadbelly design. I’ve been coding HTML since 2000 or so. When CSS came onto the scene, I jumped in with both feet.

The last four years I’ve spent at PBS working on the PBS Parents and Kitchen Explorers verticals (as well as a few other various projects in the PBS universe). For the most part, I’ve been moving the PBS Parents static HTML site into WordPress. I’ve also been developing custom WordPress solutions for Producer sites such as, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Thomas & Friends, Sid the Science Kid and Wild Kratts among others.

In my spare time I can be found walking the streets and abandoned buildings with my camera capturing the world on digital “film.”

My Resume

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Dreamweaver, Coda, Textmate 90%

Hand coding CSS(3)/HTML(5) compatible with IE8+ and standards-compliant browsers

WordPress 80%
Zurb Foundation Framework 60%
Photoshop & Illustrator 90%
jQuery/JavaScript 15%

That’s easy enough, I design web sites of all kinds but my main focus the last five years or so has been theme development for WordPress. Some people would say I’m a WordPress and Web Standards zealot. What are Web Standards you may ask? I’d love to tell you; it’s one of my favorite subjects. Just click on over to ‘Why Web Standards’.

By nature I’m not very philosophical, so why I even have a section entitled ‘My Philosophy’ is beyond me. I can tell you what I feel strongly about and that’s being honest. I honestly love my work, I honestly love to make a company’s experience getting online enjoyable. I honestly think that a poorly designed web site can hurt your business and I honestly want to help you avoid that.

I also believe strongly that reading is good for you, learning never ends and food is the best invention ever!

It’s fairly simple; we talk, depending on the size of the project I may create a wireframe, once that’s approved, I create some concept designs and when those are approved, I code the site. Somewhere in there contracts are signed and payments are made but that’s not what this section is really about.

Now this is where I talk—okay, rave really—about Web Standards. Once upon a time there were two web browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. When web designer’s back then designed a site, they had to use specific code for each browser to make the design work. That’s where our hero, Standards, comes in. Web Standards is a way of insuring that there is one specific standard for designer’s to work around. It’s not quite there yet but we’re getting closer with each new browser release—that’s why it’s important to update your web browser when updates become available. Older web browser’s have some limitations to what they can do but don’t worry that’s taken into account when the site is coded.

I approach each design with Web Standards in mind for several reasons, the most important being is that it saves the client money in the long run and the second, is that it provides better results for Search Engines. Google® just loves sites built semantically with Web Standards and if Google® loves your site, that means just having a site coded correctly improves your Search Engine Optimization; just ask the SEO pros, they’ll tell ya.

I work with small businesses, large corporations as well as fellow designer’s—which means I have resources for larger projects. Cool how that works out, huh? Whether it’s consulting, designing concepts for others to code or working on a project from start to finish, I can be found at my desk daily creating better web sites for all sorts.

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