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Project Description

SenecaOne Finance wanted to create an updated and clean website. With an updated design they also wanted an updated content management solution which involved moving the new site from Sitefinity to WordPress because of its ease of use and customization capabilities.

To begin with, the framework of the code is based on Zurb’s Foundation 5 which creates a stable foundation for a responsive site–with as little code needed or as much wanted. The site is mobile responsive, which was a priority for the brand.

For administrative purposes, they needed several custom post types (CPTs) created to ease the back-end implementation of content and front-end separation from other content. In all, I created 7 CPTs to handle that separation of content. Some examples of the CPT work I did are:

  1. Their marketing department needed a way to track conversions based on the home page hero (banner image and text) so a custom post type was created to allow for custom A/B testing of conversion rates.
  2. They needed landing pages for various Google Analytics tracking conversion codes, so a CPT was created using the post ID as a tracking method that was captured, then passed, when a customer filled out the form created by the Gravity Forms plugin.

Project Details

  • Client SenecaOne Finance
  • Date November 16, 2015
  • Tags Custom Post Types, HTML/CSS, Responsive, WordPress Theming
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